The Lifestyle of a Mumu Girl

Show Me Your Mumu is a California-based clothing brand “for carefree adventurers,” known for their colorful florals, flowy yet flattering styles, and the trendiness of their social media posts.  While it can be found in the occasional boutique, the majority of Mumu’s sales are made online through their website,, where they offer their recent “lookbooks” full of inspiration and photos of their latest releases, and an online store that sells their playfully-designed dresses, tops, active wear, jewelry, shoes, and even their recent line of bridesmaid dresses.  Show Me Your Mumu keeps up a very active Instagram, and has a both Twitter and Facebook accounts, which I would recommend they make more use of, as their Instagram is their most active social media account.  Through their Instagram, Mumu has created a visual representation of the lifestyle of a “Mumu Girl” by reposting pictures of girls who tag @showmeyourmumu and participate in their weekly giveaway hashtag, #mumumondaygiveaway, where one photo is chosen and the winner is sent a surprise Mumu item as a reward for their representation of Show Me Your Mumu on social media.

One of the strengths of Show Me Your Mumu’s social media is their interaction with their customers. Mumu Monday Giveaway is a great program to incentivize young ladies to draw attention to their brand though posts about their Mumu style, not to mention the reach that it provides the company with. When a girl sees an article of clothing she likes that her friend is wearing, she is bound to investigate the brand for herself- it’s just in our nature. After all, that’s how I discovered and fell in love with Mumu for myself.


SMYM’s co-founder Cologne Trude’s Hawaii wedding with bridesmaids dressed in her own designs.